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In Case Someone was Looking for me...

Started by P_M, May 27, 2010, 08:21:29 AM

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At NJMP or Summit.. (first round) ...

I wasn't at NJMP for the first round, nor will I be making it too Summit for Memorial day..   Sucks but true...

NJMP was one of those scheduling casualties.  I just couldn't make it. 

So I was getting ready to fire up a three day effort at Summit.. and uh.. well.. I tucked the front end a couple of weeks ago, yes at Summit, only I was on Shenny.  Stupid mistake on my part.. but.. yeah, I was going slow (estimate was no more then 35 or so?) and after getting slammed to the ground, it seems well.. I cracked a rib... Ow! 

And as of now.. I still can't carry my gear bag so I am unable to go out and shoot.  Hell, I can't hold my camera up for more then a minute without it starting to hurt.. So, on advice of a Doctor (a real MD not a Vet this time).. a Wife (still the real deal) and some form of self preservation... I will not be able to engage in my regular shooting plans.. DAMN!!! 

I hope to be healed enough to make the next round.  I feel really stupid, but as one person already said.. "At least you got it out of the way early for this year.."

Sorry folks.. I already miss all of my racing friends and hope to see ya soon..
Ok, so I'm faster with my camera then you are with your bike..

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Awwww sorry to hear that Pete! Hope to see you later this season!

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Heal up quick bro, your pics will be missed.  And, as you are now most likely aware...avoid sneezing at all costs!!