bum needs shelter @ BHF and possibly hitchike from MKE to BHF and back

Started by zeroice, May 19, 2010, 02:26:51 PM

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Hi there,
I wasn't even planning on going to BHF, but I got a job interview in Milwaukee this Friday. So I'll be flying up to the area tomorrow night.

Since I'm in the area, I figured I'd hang out at the track and even ride in the TC with some friends. But being as that I'm flying in and that I'm losing my current job, I wont have my usual camping gear and I'll be on a low budget.

So, I could really use help with 2 things if at all possible:
1. a place to crash at the track. Someone's trailer or tent would be awesome. I got a little sleeping bag and floor mat.
2. Bum a ride from MKE to BHF (and back to MKE airport on Sunday afternoon). I got a rental car for the interview but I'd like to ditch it to save money. (I'm done with the interview @ 5pm Friday in Milwaukee) and my flight out is 5:18pm Sunday from MKE. I'm doing the TC so it will be tight... I'm guessing this part will be hard to get help with so my expectations on this one are low...

My cell phone number is 412-401-1477 if anyone can help out.

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if you find nothing else you can sleep in my trailer, camper or garage. just find me at the track and let me know!
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Think twice about that......hazmat team got called in a couple weeks agao!!................:)


lol if the schedulle was a bit different I could give you a lift but I'm running the last race of the day - if you lland the job up here and relocate pop in and say hi