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2010 Race of Champions Venue

Started by CCS, May 17, 2010, 04:36:16 PM

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Which track would you prefer for the ROC on October 15-17, 2010

Heartland Park-Topeka
97 (60.2%)
Hometead-Miami Speedway
64 (39.8%)

Total Members Voted: 161

Voting closed: May 27, 2010, 04:36:16 PM


I can name several people off the top of my head that were planning on the 24 hour drive to Daytona (as we have many times) but will not go to Homestead. We were going for Daytona not just another track. But you're right, either way people are going to be unhappy.


Quote from: GSXR RACER MIKE on May 19, 2010, 10:21:01 AM
Baby Dolls is a.......hmmmmm.......let's say establishment........just down the road from Heartland Park. And the girls there will be displaying even more of their tanned selves.  :biggrin:
We are actually working on getting poles placed in the garages for additional "entertainment". I know, it is a stretch but ya got to dream.


I wonder what CCS' demographics look like? If there is a majority on the East Coast it would make more sense to have it in the East and vice versa. If it evenly spread throughout the country HPT sounds like a fair deal. 22 hours for me is a deal breaker when it comes to HPT. Heck even 14 hours to Homestead is a long way but fiscally more better gooder.


It's almost exactly 1300 miles from Daytona to Heartland Park according to Mapquest, and apx 250 miles from Daytona to Miami. The 9 (or is it 10?) times I've raced at Daytona I've towed my 26 foot trailer the 1235 miles down there every time, several of those times alone.

For those of you who have never driven that far (or even alot farther) there are options. There's bound to be other racers who want to go but either can't afford it or can't miss that much work or vice versa. What I've done several times is transport other racers bike(s) and equipment for them, sometimes just taking all there stuff with me at the last event before the ROC. Then those racers fly in to Daytona or another regional airport, sometimes I pick them up at the airport next to the track or they rent a car themselves. What I generally did was charged a fee for any bikes I transported to help cover the fuel cost, more money if they had 2 bikes or alot of equipment - I've also worked it out before so the fly-in racers cover the cost of our hotel room as part (or all) of covering the transport fee. When at the track the racers who I transported their stuff for would either pit out of my trailer, with another racer, or even get their own garage. While it was true that I had to miss 4 extra days of work in order to make the drive, I had 4 weeks vacation available to me every year from my job so I didn't mind the time off or the drive. If I got really creative I could have handled up to 9 bikes in my trailer, the most I ever transported was 7. By doing this the costs of going to a distance event is dramatically reduced by allowing some of the racers to miss less work and split the costs of getting all the equipment to and from the event.

Heartland Park is located right next to Forbes Field (airport) and only 45 minutes or so from Kansas City if someone really wanted to fly into there and rent a car.  :thumb:
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I would think there would be a broader draw if location is KS.  Most of the MW/GP would come out.  along with a few FL folks.  Those that had planned the trek and mileage is comparable will still attend.  You'll get a larger draw from further west.  I dont see from an 'event' standpoint how topeka could miss out.  Whats the percentage of riders from outside FL that attended the ROC in the past?  I would bet if in KS the % of outer region riders would grow... We'd pick up OK, CO, MN and more. 
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Walt 221

First off, I hate Daytona and always have. I don't find it a fun track to ride. It was better utilizing the shorter course, but still sucked in my opinion.

Homestead is a fun track, about as much fun and technical as you can have for a "roval." Way better than the stupid Cal Speedway track.

Heartland Park is fun and technical, but facilities fall behind Homestead (limited garages, power, etc)

The only thing Daytona offered in my eyes was some exclusivity. What I mean is that a rider only could see Daytona once or twice the whole year. Didn't give much of a home field advantage.

A lot of people are offering up their favorite tracks, but in the spirit of the "Race of Champions" shouldn't it be on a track that the majority of racers don't get much time on - to kind of level the playing field?


Quote from: George_Linhart on May 19, 2010, 02:45:23 PM
Basically your answer is that you can't justify the cost of travelling but you expect that we should have no problem to go to a lesser venue and travel an additional 300 miles just  to convenience you?  While I don't get excited about Daytona I get that it is a tradition and this venue is considered a special draw for the ROC.  Since this venue is off the table, why is having the race somewhere centrally located (though not as logistically easy for the Floridians) such a bad thing? 

VIR, Barber, NJMP, Road Atlanta and Mid-Ohio are not an option (although all would be a worthwile if somehow the dates could work).  What is getting me pissed is the sense of entitlement from those who have it easy when we do race at the traditional venue.  How is it always OK for everyone to have to travel to Florida every other year so that the one year that Daytona isn't an option than the only other choice has to be what is convenient for you????

I am not running for a championship so at the end of the day it doesn't matter much to me.  If it is at HPT I will go, otherwise, you Florida locals can have it.


George basically Gino230 response was my point.

Please don't put words in my mouth. I have no problem telling people my opinion. I never said or implied that I or anyone  else is entitled to anything in any of my post. I have said it before I am very fortunate to live in an area where I have these venues close to my home.
So of course I am going to vote for a venue that is not a 3000 mile trip for me. Just like you are choosing the same. I have driven this distance to race  plenty of times, it sucks. I feel sorry for anyone who has to make the drive. My hat goes off to anyone that is willing, has the means and dedication to travel long distances to race.

So to be clear;
In my opinion I wish it were at Daytona there is no track in the world like it. (I am not saying it is the best.)
I vote for Homestead because it is convenient for me and is a great facility.

Quote from: George_Linhart on May 19, 2010, 02:45:23 PM
I am not running for a championship so at the end of the day it doesn't matter much to me.  If it is at HPT I will go, otherwise, you Florida locals can have it.

Nothing against you but if it doesn't matter to you don't get all upset and don't vote. Also, there are locals at every track I have raced.
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Walt 221- If it turns out to be Homestead you are only allowed to race the drag bike.
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if times were good I would say lets travel but now that there is no sponsorship $$ im saying homestead.


I have raced both tracks and in my opinion Heartland Park is a much more fun course than homestead. The facilities at homestead are nicer, but im not racing on the facilities. Its about the same distance travel wise for me either way so thats not an issue. I would still much rather have it at Daytona. I love that place!
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I might even come out of retirement if its at HPT