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Nate Kern?

Started by djduc748l, May 03, 2010, 10:58:38 AM

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Anyone know what happened to Nate, was there Sat, he looked fine, just saw people wishing him well, did he go down?

And It was great seeing alot of you guys this weekend! Keep it safe!

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Race 3 I think, Unlimited Supersport, Nate went down on the right hand exit out of the chicane approaching the "wheelie hill".  Couldn't find out too much at the track other than he hit his head hard. He took an ambulance ride to get checked out at the hospital........that's all I know.   


Nate Kern was feeling uncomfortable with his neck, and last I heard was getting MRI's done. Really great down to earth guy, sucks to see him go down that hard, and the bike was pretty trashed too =/
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he has a facebook page, may have updates there. Bummer to hear about crashes..
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Yea I saw it happen.  Highsided at the exit of the chicane.  Was pretty nasty, he was launched into the air tumbled for a while.  He gave a thumbs up as they loaded him into the ambulance.
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Damn that's a shame. He was flying with that BMW during the GT race. Fun to watch from the stands.

Kind of cool to see the whole BMW team there. Looked very professional.

Got to talk to Nate and his crew chief on Saturday night. Great bunch of guys with lots of cool stories. Both had high praises for the track and CCS.


Get well soon Nate.


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 last we heard  Nate had a bad headache ,he was to be released sunday night  They were waiting for some test results.

Nate hope your feeling better  praying for quick recovery.     
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From Nates facebook page

"Home now. Rung my bell good and have some blood or something stupid on the brain. More or less a severe concussion. No big deal. We figured out after horus of video, that massive bump exiting chicane (T4) finally caught up to our stock steering dampner. Oh well. 15 kartwheels later and totalled RR, should have had a dampner"

Now, where is the video?
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Well he could have gone slower through there.  Duh.  Sheesh.  Everybody in a big hurry.

Glad he's doing ok.

BTW Nate, you couldn't have had worse timing!!  My mother, who has never come to a race, never wanted to, could barely get the courage to see her son in a single race.  Showed up 10 secs before you decided to have a spectacular highside to the moon.  My first thoughts were, shit i hope he's ok, then they were, shit i hope my mom is ok.  I looked at her and she started to cry.  lol  damn it
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LOL @ Drew

Heal up Nate.