Started by d-wire, April 24, 2010, 11:14:39 AM

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Hell yeah!!!!!!  I've skipped the last few ROC's cause it just seemed silly to decide a "national" title with 70% of the lap spent at wide open throttle and only 6 or 7 corners.  Maybe running the ROC at a road coarse will help entries???   

Where would you guys like to see it moved.  I'd vote for Barber, VIR or Homestead.
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+1 for Barber. Homestead is a fun layout, but man that's a long drive from Wisconsin...
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VIR doesn't have openings in its schedule in October or even November.  Looks like Homestead and Barber have openings in October.
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I'd vote for Barber or maybe they can see about making the Sept. VIR the ROC. There is an idea.
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VIR would be cool but I would go to Barber as long as it's not as expensive as Daytoner.


my guess is it will be Homestead, that is where it was held back in 04 when work was being done at Daytona. I like VIR, but i highly doubt they would have a race there in Oct. just after having one there in Sept.. No way will it be at Palm Beach, and i doubt Road Atlanta just cause CCS never runs there. ALL just speculating of course.. Darn, i know D-wire is no fan of Daytona but i really like the track. Maybe now that im 42 the long track gives me a chance to rest. LOL!
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The traditional ROC weekend shows average temp's at Barber to be a low of 50* and a high of 75* (record high of 90* and a record low of 34*).

The average temp's at VIR that same weekend show a low of 43* and a high of 71* (record high of 88* and a record low of 25*).

VIR and Homestead both host regional races during the 2010 season, Barber and Road Atlanta do not, making them neutral locations.

WERA is continuing with its traditional 'Grand National Finals' at Road Atlanta the weekend before the ROC is scheduled, so the track would already be set-up and racers who race at both events could drive down to Biketoberfest for several days in between events if so desired.

BUT.......if I remember correctly Daytona and Homestead have some type of relationship that was a factor in the 2004 decision.
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good to here, while daytona was fun to do just to say i did it it really sucks for bikes. on a 848 it was not fun watching the bigger bikes power away once we hit the banking, knoing on a road course it wouldnt have happened
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