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GMD Computrack Atlanta Spring Special

Started by GMD Computrack Atlanta, April 16, 2010, 12:18:36 PM

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GMD Computrack Atlanta

Spring is in the air (thank goodness) and we are running a special.

From now until the end of spring all Computrack measurements will be $99.99.  That's 100.01 off of our retail price of $200.00.

Crashed your bike, changed to a different brand of tire, or just curious?  We can measure the chassis of your bike and answer a lot of questions you may have always had as to why your bike handles the way it does.  Any bike can handle better.  We do not quess where ride heights should be.  After we measure your bike we can "Whatif" different ride heights and settings before they are actually applied.  Every bike has manufacturer tolerences built into them so what works on your buddies bike may not work on yours.

Give us a call at 706-253-1148 or email and schedule your appointment today!