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Started by chest2tank, March 30, 2010, 11:57:02 PM

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I'm sure I'm new to a lot of you, as I have never even attended a CCS round.  I'm a photographer, and I usually cover WERA and track days.  It's been my full-time gig for over two years now.  Please take a minute to review my work on my Facebook fan page and on my website, both linked in my signature.

I will be in attendance this weekend at Jennings, and I'll be busting my tail to get you all the best photography you have ever seen of yourselves.  I'm sure there will be other photogs there, but please make sure you see mine before you decide to buy anything.

Where do you go to view your photos?

Click "Photo Store"

2010 Gallery PRICING
Order these by sending Paypal to my email address Kendrick (at) or by phone at 865.300.5049.

Prior to the event - $45/day (+$20 for an additional day at the same event)

At the event - $55/day (+$20)

After the event - $65/day (+$20)

What is a Gallery?!?
A gallery is kind of like a CD except you get your photos faster than with CD's, and they're a lot less wasteful.  Once you order a gallery, I will sort all of your photos out and place them in an online gallery.  You can do a multitude of things with these galleries:

1.) Download the images you want, be it just 5 out of the 50 or all of them.
2.) Share the photos via Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or forums.  These galleries will be around for a long, long time, and there is no bandwidth limit.  Share as much as you like.   Check this out:

Go ahead.  Click it!

3.)  Prints - all standard prints 16x24 and under you get at cost +10%.

Order these online after the event.
These come in the sizes:
1 Megapixel - Perfect for online sharing - $7.95
4 Megapixes - Great for archiving - $14.95
Full Resolution* - The biggest available - $19.95

All of these include the rights to print at a photo lab local to you, as long as you use an actual lab (i.e.: NOT a Walmart, Walgreens, etc. etc.).  Of course, I would prefer you print through me, but in case you don't, these establishments have professionals who actually care about what the print looks like. 

*Size depends on camera body used.  It will be between 8 and 21 megapixels.  BTW, this is the size you get when you purchase a gallery.


1.) What do you guys think of a Facebook delivery method?  Say $30/day and you get your photos on Facebook on my fan page? 

2.) Portraits in the Paddock - just what it sounds like.  In addition to the Pit Shots I take, would you all be interested in this?  I am thinking about bringing studio strobes.  It would be yet another wonderful way to memorialize our favorite pastime and great for sponsors.

3.) Studio photography - I have a professional photography studio here that I can fit motorcycles into.  Would anyone be down to shoot?  If you're local to Knoxville, TN or passing through, it would be a good opportunity to get some catalog quality photographs.  Models can be hired if you don't feel like putting your own mug in the shot.

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Saturday is completely online.  Sunday practice is almost finished.


Kendrick, you seriously take the best track photos I've ever seen. Great shots!
Jon Hatcher - CCS FL #308


Quote from: DakotaCBR on April 07, 2010, 03:11:09 PM
Kendrick, you seriously take the best track photos I've ever seen. Great shots!

Wow, thank you so much!  Jon you were looking quite comfortable there at the end of the day.  What kind of times were you running on that little thing?


Nothing to write home about. I learned a heck of a lot about the bike but really wish I had done a trackday before I took it to a race weekend!!!
Jon Hatcher - CCS FL #308