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600 class options

Started by racenrub, March 24, 2010, 10:54:58 PM

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So it's my first year and I would like to know what classes I can/would be wise to enter into. If your advice sounds good then you get one of these :thumb:
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I would run all the 600 races you can for more experance.The sooner you sign up for the race,youll be near the front,if your late then youll be in the back at the starting grid.I used to do 7 races a weekend now i do 5,the ones for overall points.
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This will be my 1st year doing a full season.  I'm doing the MW's and HW's and at some tracks I'll be doing the Unlimited.  Are you going to be at CMP?
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1st order of business.. change the "myspace" avatar or whatever 1/2 naket pic that is on the roadrace forums.
2nd.. if you have a 600cc you will be able to run in every class that does not have "lightweight" in the title. (mid wt, heavy wt, unlimited). Almost more classes then you care to run or have the wallet to fund.
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Quote from: MELK-MAN on March 25, 2010, 10:15:39 AM
1st order of business.. change the "myspace" avatar or whatever 1/2 naket pic that is on the roadrace forums.

LMAO!!!!     :thumb:
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 :lmao:, don't trash the epic sunburn pic. Nope can't say i'l be going that far. I'm in Central Illinois so i'll be doing the midwest schedual this year. Certainly sounds like i'll have the pick of the litter then. :boink:
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As Melk-Man said, you can definitely run more classes than you can afford on a 600, so I would go over the event schedule and pick the ones that work for you.  For Blackhawk, the schedule is here and if I were you I would run the GTU for sure, since it's on Saturday, and then run the Middleweight GP so you'll get two races in on Saturday.

Then pick a couple of races on Sunday that look good, like Middleweight Superbike and Middleweight Supersport. There's plenty of time between the races for you and no one can race them with anything bigger than a 600, so your drive to the finish line will always be against the same size motor.

Best of luck to you, and welcome to the Madness!  :cheers:
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I blame the girlfriend, she got me started riding these confounded sportbikes. Ah well, i can survive on cereal and ramen :thumb: That was quite inciteful  thanks
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Woofentino Pugrossi

Since you are gonna be racing at Blackhawk, remember to tip the crash truck driver. :biggrin: Twenty dollar bills will suffice. :lmao:
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haha, no offense but i hope i don't meet you till after the day is done...........i'll give you a buck for an ice cream cone though :cheers:
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give him one from last year,that has freezer burn...  :thumb:


i have some sliced peaches that i though were clams due to the fact that they've apparently been in an open container for around 4 years :ahhh:
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