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Started by RuschRacing23, March 21, 2010, 03:29:50 PM

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Schmedley's anyone? Takes sack to man up,I guess I'm confused as in is there some issues with choices,I mean if you were to stop,say now,or have stopped,can you race subject to abstainance,or are you in the middle,not sure if you want to give up smoking...hence being shelved for now?


I think it comes down to society's rules as much as God's rules.  Currently, we all live in a country where the societal norm is to make marijuana out as a horrible thing.  I think we all know why it was made illegal (look up the historical references if you are unsure) and I think we all agree it is no more harmful than alcohol.  I believe that we will likely see marijuana legalized in our lifetime. But until then- we are supposed to play by the rules, because we live in a ( albeit quasi) civilized society.

Funny thing is that I agree it should be legalized....and I am a cop.  Not because I smoke out, but because I am a big enough person to see the forest for the trees.

Whether it should be legal or not is not the issue here.  The reality is that it currently IS illegal, and I think CSBR is trying to make a statement by their decision.  I bet there are members of CSBR who think it should be legalized (I coud be wrong, but its a possibility) but again, it's not about "what should be"...and more about "what is."

CSBR is on a mission to win over souls for God, through Christ.  As such, I see them as ambassadors, not only for racing, but for God.  If one of their guys is having an issue with an addiction, I firstly- applaud his courage, and also applaud the team for their courage. It couldn't have been an easy decision, ya know???

In the few times I have had the opportunity to meet these guys, I was VERY impressed with the way they presented themselves, and I continue to pray for their success. ]

Maybe they are looking at this like a wound.  IE: if you break your arm, it's not much use to you, right?  Do you continue to use the arm even though it is broken, or do you put the arm in a cast, give it time to heal, and then- after some time, allow the arm to continue its role? Of course you do.

Maybe I'm putting too much into this, as I have only met these guys a few times.  But I think their group is awesome, and respect them all even more now for standing by their convictions.  Just like I respect Eddie more for having the courage to admit it all.

I'll be looking forward to seeing your tent this season, and making chapel services, too!


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OK,just re-read the origional,and you cite still a battle,well,there you have it.I'm sure it saddens the team as well.Good luck to you,there are much worse things,or "sins" if you will.There are many pitfalls and obsessions to battle for sure,and our obsessions and defects of character are creating negative consequences,they certainly need to be dealt with.You are fortunate in that reguard to have a sense of community around you who care and will be there to support you.I repect the Christian religion,I even attend Don's services on Sundays,watch Charles Stanley once a week,I cannot say I am a Christian because I'm one who takes what I need and leave the rest.I do think there are laws activated in the universe,much like gravity,you can't see,touch or feel,but they're there,but I don;t think God is a punishing God,I feel we're punished BY our "sins" not FOR them......if you feel that smoking has caused enough grief,you have ways do deal with it,12 step programs etc.You've got a good head on your shoulders and I wish you all the best bro.


QuoteI feel we're punished BY our "sins" not FOR them

That's some powerful stuff right there.  I've always like you, Jigs, but you just went up a couple of notches right there.  Nice insight.
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Burt Munro

Some of you are missing the point here.

* This is not about the validity of why someone was suspended from a Team.   Decisions like this are made for a variety of reasons - some understandable, many times it's a mystery even if you know all the facts.

* This is not about the virtue or justification for smoking pot.   Right or wrong, as of this day it is still illegal in all 50 states to smoke pot for recreational purposes.

*** This IS about Eddie coming clean in front of people he respects that he has a problem.  This IS about an 18 year old kid being more of a man about this than probably 98% of us could have when we were his age.

I know Eddie and know that he's come a long way as a racer from the first weekends when he spent almost as much time off the pavement as he did on it.  I know that from day one Eddie has had mad starting skills that would rival any of the best riders I've seen.  I know that he has a passion for racing and doing the right thing.

*** This IS about Eddie reaching out to a community of people he respects for support and understanding.   

I know that Eddie's a kid that I would be proud to have as a son for all of the above reasons and that he has my 100% support!   :thumb:
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Hey all on this post.  Thanks for all of your interest in this topic for Eddie.  I am encouraged by the support Eddie's getting and interested in all the commentary brought on by this topic.  I will address some thoughts on this in 4 paragraphs 1) As a former heavy pot smoking addict 2) As the team owner for CSBR Midwest  3) As Eddie's parent.  4) As the chaplain who serves my racing brothers

1)  As mentioned, I am a former drug addict (clean almost 6 years thank God).  My main form of drug use was heavy pot smoking, and it definitely led me to use cocaine and acid many times.  Some how I was able to escape the grip of cocaine, probably because of the expense and the circles I ran in at the time.  Regarding acid, I remember thinking it was so great that I was actually RECOMMENDING it to people.  Then I had a "bad trip".  The fear associated with that event is barely discussable for me.  Regarding my chronic pot use, I get the "it's not that bad" and "it will soon be legal" arguments.  As an addict, I was all over those.  As I see in my rear view mirror though, I can now count the cost associated with using it.  Unfortunately, I have an addictive personality and it had control over me.  I tell Eddie and my other boy Jon that sure you can decide to use drugs, alcohol, or whatever chemical, yet know that you are deciding to roll the dice.  You may be a lucky one who "enjoys it once in a while" ,or "has control over it", or maybe just didn't care for it.  Yet, What if it takes you over, whatever it is?  By then, you will just HAVE to have it. You're trapped.   Love, people, performance in job or sport...that will all be in second place believe me.  I am married and divorced twice, having now been single for 9 years, a consequence I have learned to accept.  Drugs and real love do not mix.  It's chemically impossible.  

2)  The rules for being a members of CSBR is not to use drugs.  It is immensely reasonable as an owner of expensive dangerous assets to hold their rider to that standard.  Also, as servants for CSBR we are serving people as an ambassador of God and the least we can do is live how we claim to be, or be transparent in our issues so as to be there for others in the case that they may need help.  Now, if someone on the team gets suspended for breaking a rule, that person is far from "a bad guy".  To the contrary,  God wants us AS WE ARE, and we are forgiven for sins.  Eddie is definitely fortgiven, (especially since he has asked for it via his courageous post here)  He is merely a person in life training that needs to make changes if he wants to ride for a team that cares for them and the team mission.    

3)  Eddie is a teenager in training.  How will he be if he goes through something like this and is allowed to stay on the bike for the sake of "how important racing is"?  Is anything  learned?  He gets the opportunity to learn that there are consequences to every action.  Maybe even to learn the truth that there may not be a "right and wrong", yet you can be assured for the rest of his life...there are consequences.  How about this:  Let's say Eddie has the job of his dreams, with everything that goes with it;  great house, great car, great purpose, and a family that depends on him.  He then slips and uses drugs and gets caught and loses the job.  What then?  What does he tell his family?  What does he say to himself when he looks back on this racing experience if he has no consequences this time.  

4)  The apostle Paul tells us that "everything is permissible, - but not everything is beneficial" (1 Cor 10:23).  Also, he tells us to honor God with our bodies.  "Do you not know that your body is a temple? ...you were bought at a price.  Honor God with your bodies." (1 cor 6:19-20) COME ON GUYS!   Be careful here.  Dig deep within yourselves if you are so led and understand this thing about choices.   Indeed the Lord created marijuana, yet ask yourself this question.  Was his intention to only create things that are good for us?  Did he not create earth to give his people choices?  Do we touch poison ivy, or bees, or swim with sharks on purpose?  No! Of course not.  If he created everything to be good and beneficial then we would have to make no choices and in return have no opportunity to experience the freedom we have to choose.  Isn't that the essence of the human experience?  Also, know this.  If we had no freedom to choose, we would surely not choose faith in Him, and He would have no glory to come Him.  


Eddie, this discussion really shouldn't be about right or wrong, good or evil, Christianity vs. Paganism, or any of that.

You're 18, and you're extremely lucky to have the racing opportunities you've been afforded thus far.  (I think that even this is an understatement.)

Most simply, you can either smoke pot, or you can race. Which do you want to do more?

I don't think I'm the only person here who has, and will continue to, make sacrifices large and small in order to race. Foregoing pot seems like a fairly small one. I'd have given a nut to be able to race at 18. I don't regret that I wasn't able to, but if I had, and I'd blown it because I chose to party instead, I'd have plenty of regrets now.

You've improved greatly as a racer in the last 2 seasons. You'll only be young once. You have the benefit of good reflexes, response time, and learning aptitude, not to mention an increased likelihood of walking away from the inevitable get-offs or the quicker recovery times should you actually get hurt. It'd be a real shame if you weren't able to realize your full potential because you like to get stoned. Just think of the natural high you achieve after a race well run; I know if I were given the choice, I'd choose the endorphin rush from racing, hands down, every time.

Good luck, Ed. Get your shit together, and we'll see you out there.
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Thanks Don for a well thought out and thorough post. The team appreciates you setting the record straight in so many ways.

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Took guts to post this bro Eddie, that's a roadracer's heart.  Courage and control, teammate, works on the track and in life, see you out there again soon.


For many reasons, Don and Eddie have both earned my respect and admiration.  When they are at the track, they bring the "spirit" with them.


Eddie,   I still think your a good kid..  As always, Megan and I look forward to seeing you at the track this season.  I wish you strength in your battle. 

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