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Weekend at Road America for under $300

Started by Firecat, January 25, 2010, 06:42:29 PM

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If your not planning on going to HPT to race...use the weekend to test and tune with NESBA at Road America for $295.00.  :biggrin:

I asked for a special in the beginning of the season for the Midwest and was given a Road America weekend for under $300. $155 x2 = $310 - $15 multi day = $295.00

This pricing is good for a limited time...the 4/24 - 4/25 weekend will be returning to the regular price of $185 per day eventually, so if you want to ride Road America on a weekend and ride it on the cheap, make sure you register for the days ASAP. 

I would love to see a ton of people register for this day so the next time I ask for a special for the Midwest folks....NESBA is all about giving us one.  The more people that register for specials like this the better deals I can get us in the future!!
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