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Started by white98z, January 24, 2010, 02:09:45 PM

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Me and a friend will be driving up for this from texas. Was looking for a little bit from youg guys on this race. WE both have been trying to find as much info as we can but no luck as of yet.
Parking its 50 for the weekend to get in but as far as pitting next to the trailer no paddick or covered.?
We will need to get a ccs weekend pass for the races.
I am a novice and he is a ex can we run in the team challange for the endurance? And do we have to get another lic. for this ASRA?
HE is planing on do the AMA the following weekend race.
WE have done races with the ccs when its was in texas in 2008 But not since.
Thanks in advance for any input you guys can give.


Did you check the spring mailer o the CCS site?

From what I gather as in the past if each of you is signed up for any CCS races then your paddock pass is included. If you enter just team challenge each pit crew will need a paddock pass(reference mailer). I don't think you need an ASRA license for the TC and I think you both can ride the same bike for the tC, at least I hope so because that is what I plan to do with a Buddy.

Parking is free with your paddock pass but there is a fenced off area surrounding the garages that usually only the trailer is allowed in and the tow vehicle is parked on the outside. You can also rent a garage if you are looking for cover.

Hope this gets you started and call the texas office for more info.

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Daytona's fenced in pit area is usually really full so they don't allow vehicles to park in there. Once you get your trailer and/or equipment into the pit they pressure you to get your tow vehicle out ASAP! (your trailer can stay in the pits, but its' only available to you when the pits are open). Daytona has very strict hours that the pits are open, staying late to work on your equipment is not allowed! The pits generally close 1 hour after the drop of the checkered flag finishing the days last race, as closing time approaches security will pressure you immensely to get out of the pits. After the pits are closed all the gates to the pits will be locked and security walks the pits during the night.

If you want to pay for it there's 2 types of garages available, open air and the NASCAR garages. The open-air garages and surrounding paved pit area are where almost all the racers will be pitted, these open-air 'garages' are nothing more than a space designated in an open sided pole barn type of building. The NASCAR garages are fancier and have a garage door (no walls between the bays though), but their also separated from the main pit and a little ways away from tech, race control, and where the majority of racers will be pitted.
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That does help we were planing on sleeping in the trailer like we do at all the cmra races. I have read the flyer but there was a few questions and i have a voicemail into the offices in dallas area we just dont want to drive all that way and be missing something or not have all are stuff in order. Thanks for the help it is greatly apreciated.


Amateur and expert can race together in the TC. 
Entering the TC does not qualify for credentials to enter the pits, you will have to pay $50 for the weekend.  If you pre-register for a sprint you get Credentials.
Friday practice $225
Credentials $50
Pre-register $175
Camping- $195
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I got ahold of ccs today and was told that there is no weekend lic u have to get full season. 2nd i was told that you are not able to pit out of your trailer or next to it that u will need to rent a paddock or garage space. Any one willing to share and let us pitch in on it. Thanks for help.

Eric Kelcher

Sounds like there was some confusion on what you were asking.

You cannot use the camp ground as paddock area and you cannot use paddock as camp ground. You can set up in the open paved area of the paddock without charge. You would not be able to move your toy hauler or camper in and out of the paddock each day.
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