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Started by Gixxerblade, January 23, 2010, 11:01:56 AM

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So how about it CCS? Even old WERA has it now and they are mom and pop.  :biggrin:
WSMC has had it for awhile and they are even smaller than CCS Florida.


<Where's the emoticon that shows the beating of a dead horse?>

Apparently faxing and snail mail is easier than a secure, online form that fills out the blanks, would diminish errors in handwritten forms, be more secure than mailing your CC #, would be easier for those registering, and destroys less trees....apparently.
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Could always go race with WERA.....oh wait.... :biggrin:
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i offered this one up about a year ago...

here's a direct quote from their website.  it's turnkey registration at its finest:

"Clubs manage their driving and social events with to accept online registration, send email, generate reports and more. Participants create a single profile and use our site to find, register and pay for events."
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Or Zoomius.
From their website:
The #1 choice in event management for track organizations, TIGER enables organizers to:

    * Take registrations online
    * Allow your customers to manage their own registration according to your policies
    * Provide advanced products such as Season Passes, Ticket Packs, event bundles, credit management, discounts, special pricing for select groups
    * Full customer relationship management
    * Real-time view of the sales status of each event
    * Flexible profit vs. cost modelling. See at a glance how much you're making for each event and the season overall
    * Automated secure credit card processing, track check receipts and keep tabs on how much has been paid and how much is pending for each event
    * Print personalized registration forms and tech stickers
    * Tools to streamline the check-in process, including barcodes and other tracking tools... and "express check-in" at  Tech Inspection for organizations that allow that
    * Registration management tools
    * Flexible billing policies (all now, some now, all later, etc)
    * Waitlist management tools
    * For race organizations, a built in AI that automatically figures out which classes a rider is eligible for based on an interview about their vehicle, their age, license status, laptimes... you name it!
    * And much more!

I highlighted the stuff that seems appealing if I were a race organizer.


Nope. Sorry- it makes too much sense to impliment! LOL
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I offered to code an online registration for no charge, just to avoid having to mail/fax forms in...was turned down.

I really hope that they implement an online registration system, it would simplify things a ton for those paper challenged like myself :-)


I'd like to see this as well, it sure makes things a lot easier on the rider.


I would imagine those 3rd party registration processing businesses would charge a fee per transaction. Obviously the person pre-entering would have to absorb that extra cost, but I would be more concerned about what happens while your standing at registration in the morning and you find out the registration processing business screwed up your pre-registration? Can CCS immediately resolve the issue online or over the phone with the 3rd party registration processing business using your confirmation receipt you printed off from that business during pre-registration? I had that happen with a CCS controlled pre-entry at Barber, pre-entry got lost so I had to post-enter, at that time 2 of the classes I had pre-entered were now full and not available to me - after both of those races were already completed my pre-entry was found and I was paged to registration. Things like that can happen, but when your dealing with a 3rd party the whole 'blame game' can get out of control.
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Heck, I'm surprised there isn't an iPod app for pre-reg.  :biggrin: