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Veteran Racer Awarded Patent

Started by wolfmanjoe, December 19, 2009, 12:06:18 PM

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Just a quick announcement from me. The USPTO has awarded US Patent 7621380 entitled"Motorcycle Rear-Wheel Braking System Operating Mechanism" to Joseph(Joe) Wolfe-CCS #77 S.E. . I would like some feedback from you guys(but please be nice-I"ve really had my balls busted on on the wrong website-Harley riders-sheesh!). You can just google it or check out the USPTO website or . I think it will have its place in certain markets(probably not da Hawgs).And remember-the really fast guys use their rear brake.


congrats Joe.  I've got a couple of patents and a trade secret also but they have not been commerialized.  This part is often harder than coming up with the invention.
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Stunters often use left hand levers for the rear brake.  I always thought something like this was already out there.  Congrats on the patent.  Hope it helps finance your racing.
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