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Racing Stories.

Started by RickyRacer, October 08, 2001, 04:11:11 PM

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Ok people, I starting to get the sakes. It's been over a month now since I have been on a track and I can't take it anymore. I need some action. If not on the track, at least on PC screen.  Tell me some racing stories. I need a fix.  :'(

 I don't have any new stories to share. Though I do have some from my last two weekends at Roebling Road 9/1-2 and Moroso 8/25-26. If anyone is interested, I'll post mine first.
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Ok, here you go:

This sport is dangerous! So here I was, last race of the weekend on Sunday at Roebling Road (last CCS race). I was coming out of turn two, riding my line out toward the far outside of turn two to head down the straight. This was lap five, when the experts usually pass my green-shirted novice butt. Most of the experts had gotten around me going into turn one. This expert, was trying to pass me on the outside of turn two.

When he got next to me, he slipped off the outside of the road, and got into the dirt. I began slowing a bit and moving further to the inside (we were now just on the straight headed to three). I couldn't move over much, cause there was another bike on my right. I figured he was going to come back onto the concrete and hit me. He made it back onto the concrete, slightly ahead of me by this time. He looked stable, I sighed with relief. Then...his bike started to wobble....wobble, wobble. I tried to move over further right thinking this was bad. Then he lost it. I'm not sure where he went, but his bike went down, right in front of me, lying lengthwise across my imminent path, tires facing me. I'm preparing myself now for an Evil Knevil type jump, wondering not if, but how many bones I was going to break. Then, I hit his bike, and the most amazing thing ever happened. I didn't jump it, my bike didn't flip, stuck...right between his front wheel and radiator. So now, I'm riding a two bike sled down the concrete, my bike still on two wheels, attached to his bike. I continued that way for probably 25 yards where I was headed off into the grass.

I hit the grass, where my fun ride ended (I actually had the thought that maybe I could just continue sledding this thing through the grass...yea, right  ). I was tossed, somehow, from the bikes and rolled another 30 yards or so lengthwise through the grass.

Well...I'm, amazingly enough, alright. Bruised finger, slightly stiff shoulder. The bike?  Needed a new muffler and a bunch of fiberglass patch  :-/

I count myself as VERY lucky that I walked away from this. I'm not sure what happened to the expert. He got up, but they loaded him into the ambulance. At least it was his bike that I ended up hitting and not him.

Hows that for a fun story? :)



That was damn amazing Shawn.  :o Glad you made it out ok. Did this end your weekend? What bike and classes do like to race in and what other classes did you race in? Were you at RR on 9/1-2?

 BTW, The new font size looks good.  :)

Ok, who next?
"HEY!, quit being a hog and pass the racepipe"


Ok, I guess I'll go next.

My third race weekend (Moroso Motorsports Park) 8/26

Well the gods must have been smiling down on me this pass weekend. My best weekend yet.
This was the first time running my 93 750SS with the Hi-comp pistons (12:1) and Vee-Two racing cams. I had Larry form Moto Corse come out to rejet my carbs. The bike was running real strong down low but up top there was no power. We went from a 360 main jet up a 490 and adjusted the needle to let in as much gas as possible. The bike still ran lean but at least I had power up top now. I also ran VP Motorsport 103 fuel so I guess that didn't help the lean running motor either.

Well down to the racing.
Race one: EX/AM two wave race, GT Lights. 6 lap race.
I was grided on the out side of row one. I got the hole-shot and into the lead I went (Thanks to my drag racing days). I was able to carry it to turn 4 and on to the long straight. But here I open the throttle too much and my motor bogged a few times. The top three went by and I was unable to make up ground. In this race I was toped-out going onto the long straight. (I ran a 14t front and a 38t rear) I messed up four turns in the twisties and could not keep the pace. I kept pushing anyway and got a fourth place finish. Considering the way my bike was running, I was happy with my results.

Race two: Middleweight Sportsman. EX/AM combined one wave. 6 lap race.
Here I was grided on the outside of row 3.
I got a real good start and went towards the very front of the pack. All was good till I went off tune 2 and into the grass. (Hey, what can I say; my bike just likes to graze in this part of the track.) Well as you can imagine, the whole field went right pass me. Sh&t!!
Oh, right before this race, I decided to go with a 37t-rear sprocket. This helped a lot. I could now top out 3/4 down the long straight.
I'm not sure how, but I made one hell of a comeback. By the fourth lap I was fighting for 3 place. Can you believe it! But I really didn't know what position I was fighting for, I just fought. I ran a good race after my off-road encounter and made no more mistakes. The last two laps were a blast! This guy (#770) would blow by me in the long straight and I would catch him in the twisty parts of the track. : ) On the last lap, I went pass him in turn 10. This leads onto a short straight before a low speed shucane. Once I passed him; I threw out the anchor to slow him down before coming onto the short straight. I got on the gas early and protected the inside line going into the slow speed shucane. This led me onto another short straight and the checkered flag.
I got my first podium. Third place!!! . (Ok, you can applause now) :D :D
Next week is Roebling Road Raceway.
"HEY!, quit being a hog and pass the racepipe"