Gixxer voltage regulator on a Ducati?

Started by skiandclimb, November 18, 2009, 04:19:27 AM

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A buddy of mine said he thought a volt. reg. from a GSXR would cross over to my 996.  Anyone know which years to look for, displacement, etc?  :cheers:

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who broke into my garage? I wish my gs's still looked that great...


How about changing it to a full 'Wind Jammer' front fairing on that bad boy!  8)
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I'm currently running a voltage regulator from my 1000ss ducati on my suzuki TL1000S... and it works fine.  So there's a little double-cross reference work for you.  The devil on my shoulder tells me that any 3 phase regulator would work if you know what wires go where and its large enough to handle the heat.  You can take that advice under your own advisement. 

I believe that the charging system on the early 3 phase ducatis was woefully inadequate... barely made enough juice to run the bike, not to mention charging the battery.  So if you run a smaller battery then stock, you'll continue to have regulator problems.


i think thats the issue, as I have changed out the 12 pounder for a smaller, gel type (saved about 7-8 lbs)

I guess it comes down to the pigtail then?
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Yup! its a problem to run the small battery on the older FI ducs.  The newer ducs have a 550watt charging system, while the older stuff seems to be in the 250 watt range.  If you figure that your injectors (@ 12-16 ohms) use 1 amp each at 90% duty cycle, your fuel pump is 3-5 amps depending on the dirtiness of the fuel filter, the ignition uses another 2 amps, the ecu uses 3 amps, your gages 2 amps.  So, you may only have an extra 70 watts to charge the battery @ PEAK output... drop below 6000rpm and your at less than peak.

Pay attention to the phase of charging system.  Ducati changed from 2 phase to 3 phase in the late 1990's.