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Report on Katoh

Started by spyderchick, April 08, 2003, 07:35:15 AM

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This was sent to me by a friend from another forum. The author is Italian, and the account is based on Italian news reports.

Author: omarja (

 Date:   04-06-03 22:27

Hi to all.

I see from your posts that you don't know much about kato's condition

This is a sad sad day for motorcycling. Kato had a daughter just 10 days ago, and would be 26 tomorrow.

Here's the information I have been able to gather from the Italian press (I'm italian).

Kato's condition is very serious. He is now in deep coma. Dr Costa says there is only ONE hope of saving him... Costa says Kato has a 15% chance of survival. But the real bad news is that there was a problem between his first and second vertebrae and even if he does survive he will have lost the use of his legs, arms and even breathing.. he won't be able to breathe by himself and will need a respirator at all times. He will be paralyzed from the neck down.

About his crash not much is known. There is no video. Gibernau is the only pilot to see him. Here's what he had to say:

"I broke something on my bike at the start and stopped at the pits to fix it. When I got back in the track I found myself behind Kato. I was right behind him and I was going about 250kph and I saw him start his braking and change gears. In that place all riders follow the same line, right left right. Kato instead suddenly went left. I don't know why and even the telemetry doesn't say anything. I could not believe my eyes. I saw him go suddenly left and crash into the wall at more than 200kph and I think in 4th gear. I've never seen anything like this.

It's crazy to crash into a wall in 2003 as has happened to Melandri, Barros, Poggiali and Ukawa.. Cecchinello was lucky but he got really close to the guardrail at full speed in the straight. We can no longer race here at Suzuka and everyone has to understand this. I don't want to race here again. it would be crazy".

 Also what we know is that Kato's helmet was broken in two places and he has blood at the base of his brain.

Dr Costa also said that when kato got there he had no heartbeat and wasn't breathing. They reanimated him and put him on a respirator. He was then airlifted to the hospital.

He also said that Kato's life depends on the next few hours. he had a "catetere" (I don't know the english translation for that) apllied to his leg artery to try and lower the blood temperature to 32-33 C° and thus avoid the risks of an "edema" (again don't know how to traslate it) that could be fatal.

The doctors also said he has multiple wounds all over his body and probably has more damaged bones although so far they have only been trying to take care of his head/brain and neck and the rest will come later if he survives.

Costa also said that Kato will indergo a therapy of "barbiturici" (again no translation) to reduce his brain activity and not stress the brain, and hypothermia.

And lastly about how this happened, but it's not confirmed yet... it appears some photographer noticed that his right front brake disc had the carbonium braking strip missing while the brake pump and left disc appeared to have no damage. So his brake was probably working on the left side only which mighy explain why he suddenly went left during braking. The bike in now in the custody of Dorna officials who will investigate the crash.

Well all I can say is good luck kato... we'll miss you.

Alexa Krueger
Spyder Leatherworks
Do or do not, there is no "try".


Here's his most recent update from

There has been a slight improvement in the state of Daijiro Kato over the last few hours, according to his close friend and fellow MotoGP rider Makoto Tamada. Kato is in a critical condition after suffering serious injuries to his head, neck and chest, but Tamada this morning told that his heart rate is stronger after 48 hours in the intensive care unit of the Mie Medical Center in Yokkaaichi. The hospital have not made any official statement and are unlikely to do so unless there is a major change in Kato´s condition.

`I still can´t believe it,´ said Tamada. `I don´t know how to take in what has happened to Daijiro. I can only pray that he recovers and I am at the temple right now. I went straight from the circuit to the hospital after the race. Yesterday his blood pressure, which had been low, recovered. Even though he has survived the most important stage after the accident, the doctor says he is still in grave danger. It is difficult to predict the future of the situation´.