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Started by f3racer, August 06, 2009, 11:14:50 AM

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what do most of you recommend as far as matching the front and rear compounds on tires.  for example if i go with a soft front should i go with a soft rear too?
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i dont know much but listen to the vendor. i've heard similiar things to what you are saying before but your best bet is to listen to whoever your vendor is on selection


Nope, we run different compounds front to rear all the time.  Just try to keep them from the same family.  Dont want to run a D209 front on a Superbike slick rear..... 
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You should check with the vender and get there imput. also check around to see what the fast guys are running?
  With that in mind running different compounds front- rear is no issue ,your style and bike setup are as important as anything.   
  So try different compounds front / rear you my like a med front with a soft rear ??   I have also run a slick rear with a dot front with good results again bike setup will dictate what feels good. Track conditions are also a factor. So keep a open mind and good luck.