Rotor wear

Started by Fast4fun, June 20, 2009, 04:44:30 PM

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How far can you safely wear a rotor down? Mine are at minimum spec - is it safe to let them go a bit beyond spec or is it a must replace situation? They're is no sign of warping and replacements are $$$$.
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Tim, replace the pads with some good ones.  You'll be fine, you haven't had that bike that long!  I'll race my Vespa against your 675...what do ya think?
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What year is your bike?  One of my neighbors has some triple parts, I could ask him.


I know some of the Ferodo pads are manufactured thicker than the standards.  This would help, but the real issue with thin rotors is there is not enough material to dissipate the heat, so the rotors will overheat and will warp....
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If there is any system on the bike where I would not want any doubt, it would be the front brakes.  If you even have to ask the question just replace them.  I don't care what new rotors cost - this is what ensures you can stop before hittling that cement wall (or less selfishly, keeps you fron hitting the innocent racer in front of you that actually has front brakes when yours don't work).