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Questions answered please for new gen SV owner....

Started by snakemanracing95, April 07, 2009, 10:31:36 PM

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Just gettin a bike set up for this year....
What mm size clip ons do I need for an 04 SV 650?
Spacers for the front wheels...ebay or.....who has em?
I have a new set of GPA's leftover from last year that were goin on my Buell, but I sold it. The rear is a 190.... is that a big no no to use on the bike for the upcoming track day at BHF? If so I have a new rear available for $125, bought at the end of the year last year from dunlop race tire service.
Also looking for a deal on a steering damper, new/used. LP/ Spieglers/ or??
Anyone got any new/used bodywork thats decent for sale?
Any help would be appreciated. I have some leftover parts from my previous SV, but need a few extras.
Thanks to any / all for your help......
Brian Liebe
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41 mm clip ons.
Spacers= Twin Works, Spears, SV Raceparts
190 tire = BIG no go with your 4.5" rim
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pretty sure SVs are 41mm clipon for stock forks....
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Gen1 is 41mm for sure.  Doesn't seen likely they'd make the forks smaller on a later model.  If you can't find spacers like you want, sent me the dimensions and I'll make them.
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My bad. I was moving to quick this AM and executed a typo... Thanks for the catch, original post updated.
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Thanks for the replies...I didn't think my 190 rear would work on the bike, so I'm gonna post em up for sale in the "for sale private party section". I have a front and rear available for $250 NEW tires,reduced for quick sale: they're just "day old's"....will be fine for track day peeps....(bought em last BHF event last year.)
Thanks again for the replies.

Brian Liebe


Who's using what for steering Dampers on new gen SV's??? Stortz, Ohlins, GPR, Or....? which one's do ya'll use? The feedback is appreciated. I rode Blackhawk this past wednesday and the changes were Awesome!! I was finally able to keep the bike WFO through 2 being able to see through the corner!! That change alone made a HUGE difference for me. Anyway, input on what type,size, damper is appreciated.....

Brian Liebe.


oh my sweet Brian, don't forget I owned one of the things..Give me a call and we'll talk about the game plan...I want it finished in your garage before you even think of putting it on a trailer.. Your goal for this year is to not work on your bike at the track
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Don Cook
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