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NEED transport bike from ATL to CMP april 16 or 17th? PLEASE!

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Ok guys, I'm feeling a bit desperate here... I can't rent a truck from a standard car rental company and U haul will cost about $500... An amount that I can't afford and don't have.

I'd REALLY appreciate it if someone can help transport my race bike and 2 pit bull stands from the Atlanta area (instead of Anniston, AL) to CMP on April 16th or 17th (16th would be ideal so I can do the trackday). This is just one way. RNR cycles will take it from there. I can reasonably compensate you for your trouble.

I don't live in the area right now (I live in Milwaukee) but I will be in the Anniston, AL area this weekend (april 5th, sunday), and Easter weekend (April 10-12). I can get a truck from a friend for a day and get the bike to you in Atlanta, you'd have to store it for a week or two, obviously.

Please please let me know as soon as possible if you can help.

From one race to another, thanks.

-Krishna (412-401-1477)
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