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Started by ldub143, March 08, 2009, 12:43:36 PM

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Hey got a quick question. I read the rule book and everything but was wondering if someone could just simplify this for me. I have a Radiator overflow breather that goes to my pan, one that comes from the gas tank, and another from the airbox. What do i have to do with these to pass tech. Can i just route them all to one catch can? The bikes an 06 gsxr 1000. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


If the crankcase vent is running to the airbox, the airbox vent/drain hole should be plugged. The airbox then acts as your crankcase catch can. The airbox vent can be run to a catch can, but it is easier to just plug it. If run to a catch can, it (the catch can) cannot be shared with anything else.

Radiator, battery, and fuel are optional to run to a  different catch can.

As far as the fuel tank vent, I would just remove the hose and not run it to a catch can.
For fuel injected bikes, it is possible for rain to enter the catch can and be pushed (since we all know that vacuums cannot pull anything) into the fuel tank. Don't ask.
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On my '05 GSXR 1000 I simply run all the hoses into the belly pan and I have never had a problem with tech and no one has ever questioned it. Online Store
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Same for me on my 06 750 and my zx10 before that.  and you don't even have the belly pan on when going thru tech, so my hoses just dangle!
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ok cool thanks for all the help