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Started by mwsportsimaging, January 27, 2009, 11:10:07 AM

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I'm looking at a salvage bike in Miami Fl, but the cost of shipping to Iowa is higher than the bike is worth.  Anyone have any suggestions for low priced shipping?  I really don't care if it gets scratched up as it is already wrecked, and destined to be a track bike anyway.  Thanks for the help.

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Offer someone a few hundred bucks to bring it back from Daytona when they come back in a few weeks from the races.  Still would have to find someone to get it up from Miami.  Depending upon where you're at in Iowa, California would have been closer to you.
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I've shipped a couple bike using Forward air, and at really reasonable prices too.  They even have special motorcycle shipping containers.  The down side is that it's only from FA warehouse to FA ware house - no door to door shipping.
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a guy that bought a bike off me via ebay had come and pick it up.  i think the whole process, from virginia to washington state, took a while, but it got to him eventually in one piece.
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