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help making a web site

Started by Garywc, December 11, 2008, 02:44:46 PM

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I was looking at different sites to make a web site does anyone have an idea on which way to go?
i dont want to spend alot all i want is to make a site for the race team to list the shedule, results ,and have rider bios and some pictures
not sure what else i would need it to do. maybe contact info or something like that for all fans (LOL) :lmao:

i googled websites and found some for like $2 a month what are you paying for?
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If you want to go really low budget you can get everything for free from some places like geocities or angelfire, I think they even have web page design tools for making your page so you won't need any software.  The downside is they'll probably have banner ads on your page and the webpage address would be something like

If you want something a little nicer, like your own domain ( or whatever) you'll have to buy the rights to the domain name first, thats like 10 bucks a year or less if you pay for a couple years at once.  Then you also have to get someone to host your site, for a low volume site you can probably get the cheapest package offered for like 5 bucks a month or less.  Check with your internet provider to see if they'll host your website for you too, when I had a local provider they would host one (small) website for free.  You'll also probably want to use some software to design/make the site, there are free editors out there or you can pay for name brand ones like Microsoft Frontpage too.
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I'm intrigued to see where this thread goes. I am computer retarded and I need a website designed and hosted. If there are any racers out there that do this for a living or a sideline, PM me.
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Gixxer188 on the board does web design on the side...not sure if he does hosting, but he would know what to tell you.


Most ISPs (your internet provider) offer some hosting space which would be more than enough to host what you are talking about. You could get someone to design if for you or you could use any of the many website authoring software packages (frontpage which is in the M$ office suite for windows users). Finally if you want to get your own domain name, as mentioned above you need to get with a registrar and register it ( for example) and then you can use ZoneEdit to do your DNS and you can point your domain name to the site your ISP is hosting, ZoneEdit even cloaks the name so it still looks like your domain once the user gets there.
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try jimdo? My Brother says they are easy

Woofentino Pugrossi

Yahoo's website hosting has a very easy "what you see is what you get" style web page maker that you can use. I used to use Yahoo's (geocities) paid website for my old racing site. Now I use Lunarpages for hosting.
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As far as design goes I went with Wordpress blog type. It is very easy to use and not very complex to customize. Of couse you can go with a MS Frontpage/Macromedia Dreamweaver thing but it requires coding knowledge and not as easy to update. If you really want a nice website there are some here I believe that will set you up with a Flash webiste. I pay like $20/year for hosting at and they already have a lot of "one-touch" installs where they will install a website template for you, you just have to customize to your own liking. I have not updated my website in a little while as I haven't done anything for a while but you are welcome to look at it.


If you're looking for something done professionally (i.e., PAID FOR) check with Layton from

I know him personally, great guy & turns out some extremely professional websites.  However, again, you're paying for this, to a guy who does this for a living.  Keep that in mind.  And you will get what you pay for. =)
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thanks for all the info
i went with one from
i got there basic one with a domain name
no i just need to figure out what to do with it
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Damn, I wish I would have read this thread before you went with  There are much better hosts out there with a lot more features available for the same or less money.  There is no need to every buy a package deal from a host that contains a domain and hosting space.  You're better to buy each piece "al cart" so that you have the freedom and flexibility to move your domain to a new host later.

Anyone can go to and buy as many domains as they want for $9.99/yr. and then point the DNS to the host of your choice.  Personally I use and I own over 20 domains.  I've also been designing websites and graphics since 1995, during the day I'm a Network IT guy. Online Store
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