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APA Muffler Slider Sponsorship

Started by APA, November 19, 2008, 11:02:49 AM

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Racers.....Racers.....Racers....Want to save $$$ on your 2009 race season?

Advanced Performance Accessories is proud to offer $12,000 and welcome MX Resultz to the Road Racing family!!!

The first 200 racers that sign up and build their race profile at will receive a FREE $60 1 year Sponsorship subscription when they request and receive Advanced Performance Accessories sponsorship.

This will give you access to not only APA sponsorship but many other top companies and products!

The FREE MXResultz offer ends December 1st and is limited to the first 200 riders so build your race profile and submit for Advanced Performance Accessories sponsorship TODAY!

FREE MXResultz promotion code will be included in with your APA sponsorship offer.

The Muffler Slider below was Low Sided 2 times at 65+ MPH