Brakes fading?

Started by ldub143, October 24, 2008, 01:43:06 PM

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I have a question regarding the brakes on my 06 zx6. Lately at the track ive noticed that they were losing pressure. While im out riding the lever will keep coming back farther and farther. Ive tried bleeding them but theres no air in the lines. I replaced the lines with galfer superbike lines and replaced the master cylinder with a brembo unit. Still i dont get the feel in the lever that i should i can tell they will still fade on me. I also replaced the brake pads with ebc HH pads. Is it the calipers thats the only thing i havent replaced? Its weird cause when the lever comes back to far ill try to bleed them and no air will come out but the lever will feel a little better. I have no clue what to do has anybody ran into this or have any suggestions?

Super Dave

If the fluid has a lower wet boiling point, the heat can generate a boil in the fluid that can be compressed which lets the lever go limp just when you're getting a good feel for your input.  When it cools down, you don't have the problem.  Additionally, brake backing plates can warp either permanently or temporarily because of heat.  I'm not a fan of the EBC's.  I just haven't had a lot of long term, consistency from them over years of doing this.  DP, Galfer, Vesrah, and others are often a better opportunity.  I do know some that like them and have good luck.

Maybe that will give you some ideas.

Fluid wise, I've used the Motul products, and I am currently using the $$ Castrol SRF in some of my bikes.
Super Dave


Quote from: Super Dave on October 24, 2008, 09:52:21 PM
... which lets the lever go limp just when you're getting a good feel for your input...

Maybe that will give you some ideas.

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Cool thanks dave ill give that a try it very well could be the brakes. I changed to fluid to this spectro race fluid but havent been back to the track with it yet. I appreciate the info and your suggestions.


can't say enough for frequent brake fluid flushes.  (maybe 2-3 per riding/racing season, just to keep things fresh)

i like to break down the calipers at the end of each season, too.  clean up the grime that has collected around the seals.
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