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Started by Fast4fun, October 20, 2008, 10:49:33 PM

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So I bought the bike, had lots of fun in the mud, and now I have to clean it. I have a four stroke so I understand the changing of the oil, cleaning of the air filter, and other usual maintenance. But, what am I missing? I notice that cleaning the chain is a pain in the arse. does anybody have a suggestion for a chain cleaning tool or technique? Do you remove it entirely to clean it? What are your post ride checklist items?   I thought it would be better to ask the newbie questions now rather than find out the hard way. Thanks.
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Well, I took my XR400 out to Fox Valley last Sunday and my buddy proceeded to bury it in a mud pit. I just brought it home and cleaned it up real good.

Also when you are cleaning the bike, give it a once over and look for any loose or missing bolts. As for the chain, I just hosed it off with the rest of the bike.


I have a "grung brush" to clean my chain. http://www.pitposse.com/grchbr.html

I'm getting my 300 2 stroke ready for the off season now. The suspension is at Ohlins, and I've taken everything else apart. I found two bad bearings in the rear brake lever. Who knew they had bearings there. And a bad bearing in the suspension linkage.

Other than that a lot of cleaning. It should be ready to ride as soon as the suspension comes back.
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Clean the mud off before it dries. You can also spray under the fenders with WD40 to help keep it from sticking.
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yes wd40 works well
i spray the whole bike after i clean it
when i am done riding i wash it with simple green and water and a sponge let it dry then spray the whole bike with the wd 40
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