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Wheel fixing

Started by Litespeed, March 19, 2003, 11:25:23 AM

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I noticed that an excursion with a pothole next to the track has added a nice bend to one of my front wheels and I was wondering who you would reccomend to fix it.  Overall it is a very mild bend and the wheel/tire combo still holds air, I would just like to get it fixed correctly so I can continue to use it without worries.


I have never had a wheel repaired, but racers I know have used a company called MC Wheels, located in NH.
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I had a wheel repaired by this guy after crashing at Laguna Seca last year. Turn around time was a bit slow and the wheel needed repainted after the repair but the quality of workmanship was excellent. Price to repair was about 140.00



Yep.. I used that Piazza guy at framestraightsystem. Top notch work... a bit slow on the turn around and wheel does need painting afterwards because he sands the paint around the lip. I'd use him again.


A.  Take my advice.  Stay on the track.  The few races that I manage to do this, I finish better.

B.  Try Fasttrack in Phoenix.  My front wheel was bent on all axis'.  He straightened it out.  It wasn't perfect (says he) but it balances fine and I have never felt a vibration from it even at Firebird Main course.

Their number 480-649-1093

I think it only cost me $40.00

Good luck


Thanks dave, i will try to call them later today.  I would have stayed on the track but I would likely be posting to find sources for TZ bodywork instead of fixing a wheel.  


QuoteI have never had a wheel repaired, but racers I know have used a company called MC Wheels, located in NH.

I've seen lots of good work on aluminum and mag. from these guys.  As previously noted, the wheels usually need repainting.  Whatever "dohicky" they use leaves it's mark and sometimes they have to weld.



I'd highly recommend Fastracks out of Arizona. Workmanship was great. Turn around time was excellent (3 days). And the price was very reasonable ($40 I think).

You may need to have it repainted afterwards, but they did at least touch up mine so it didn't look bad until I had my wheels powder coated.


Thanks for the advice everyone, I will be trying to take it up to Fastracks sometime this week.  It doesn't matter what the wheel looks like when I get it back, as of right now I have one red one, two black ones, 3 white ones and one pasty looking one because all the paing flaked off.