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GSXR gearing for Daytona

Started by Joeman, September 08, 2008, 12:30:59 AM

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IVe got a 06 gsxr600 and Im going to be taking the Team Hammer Race School this october. I know Im not going to be trying to break any records, Ill just be focusing on completing the school. I know its a fast track, so I was wondering what gearing has everyone been using for future reference?



If your going there to have fun just use your stock gearing, it's not that far off for that track and will work pretty good. Some racers will drop a tooth in the front or increase 1-3 teeth on the rear sprocket depending on their skill level and power-to-weight ratio, I've also heard of some of the racers going the opposite direction from stock gearing as well (for more top end) - but I think you would have to be one of the fast guys (with more Hp) and be carrying alot of speed onto the banking to need that.

Have fun!  :thumb:
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I think the recent GSXR's are really over geared, Mike.  Someone should have an answer.
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