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Started by repojay, July 17, 2008, 01:45:25 PM

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Hello there all.    Along the way I have purchased about every piece of equipment for about every repair when it comes to bikes and racing.  The race shop here is equipped with everything from Aluminum welding (Bran New Miller Syncrowave) to the stands for body work repair and painting.  Also we perform all the customs stuff to make it right.  Engine repair and tuning to suspension service. (The snap-on guy is going to retire soon!) 
I am an EX mechanic (master tech) and own a towing and repossession company.  My partner is an EX cart champion with more asphalt time than we can dream of.  We both actively race and we decided to open the shop up to outside riders and racers.  We enjoy doing what others cant and provide the best service around.  If we cannot do it we will tell you.  My shop is 10 minutes from Blackhawk Raceway.  If you need help with something let's fix it.  Because of my towing company we are always transporting everything everywhere.  I have noticed a lot of posts on storage we can help. 
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