Big Problem - Water in my OIL!

Started by rossifumi, March 15, 2003, 03:07:29 PM

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To start I have a 01 gsxr 600. Well, I went to start getting my bike ready for this season and the first thing I notice is a milky substance in my oil sight window. Apparently, what was marked as antifreeze in my girlfriends garage was water, and it froze over the winter! I drained all the fluids, re-filled with new stuff, then noticed water dripping from my drain bolt. Sure enough, I tool off the bolt and about a gallon of water came out, then came the oil.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this? I checked my water pump and thermostat and neither of them have cracked. I know there are Freeze Plugs in the motor but have no idea where they are located or how to get to them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really want to make the first weekend at BHF!!!

Nate R

Yeah, that is a big problem.  But, I just dont understand why you didnt see that it was water. I mean, you poured it into the bike right?

Do you have a service manual? If not, isnt there one online? Id think thered be something in there about replacing those. Either way, you got a lot of work to do it seems.
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Here's the link to the manual.


Good luck!!!



First...You should have bought a honda ;)
Secound... It is probubly not in the head and rather in the lower right case (very thin) wall.  It can be welded with the clutch removed.  Check there for a crack first.
 I have a friend who had the same problem last year.
Did'nt have a chance to change out the water-wetter before the first freeze.  >:( Strange thing was that the F4i was between it and the trailer wall.  :-/ No problem with the Honda. 8)
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