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Vesrah/BRG: Trackside

Started by BRG, March 11, 2003, 06:37:53 PM

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Baker Race Gear/Midwest Axxion Center is pleased to be the new Midwest trackside vendor for all Vesrah products.

Brake Pads
Brake Rotors (New)
Clutch Kits
and more.
All products will be instock at the Baker Race Gear/Midwest Axxion Center trailer at all the Midwest Races.

Thanks and good luck in 2003
Brian Baker
Baker Race Gear/Midwest Axxion Center  ;D


Got some info on the rotors?


Yes, it is the top of the line rotor. Works with all pads. Vesrah pads with the new rotors will give you awsome braking power. I will have the new rotors and new pads on my bike and for sale at the first Blackhawk race weekend.

these pads and rotors require no brake in time, install and go!!!!!!!!!!!

You can get a good look at them at, under new products.

Contact me for pricing and if you are interested in a set before the first Blackhawk.

Baker  ;D

Nate R

Hey, can you give me a price on a set (2 pairs) of RJL front pads for the SV?
Nate Reik
MotoSliders, LLC
Missing my SV :-(


Check you e-mail.

Baker  ;D


Do/will you have clutch plates for the '95 TZ250?

MightyDuc Racing

Anybody carry the Vesrah's in the Florida region at the track?
MightyDuc Racing
CCS AM #944 - Florida Region
Ducati 944 Superbike
Tomahawk Tires, Dunlop, AGV, Superbikes & Ski, SW Medical Supply, BCM


I will check for you.

Baker  ;D


QuoteDo/will you have clutch plates for the '95 TZ250?

even you do use aftermarket clutch plates.... you still have to use the yellow outer plates from yamaha or you will tear up your clutch boss and outer friction. Go to your yamaha dealer and order that crap.


Yes, master Yodakwak, TZ Jedi Knight.