New Round added to ASRA schedule: VIR North Course

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Started by r3card, March 11, 2003, 02:49:43 PM

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Big thumbs up to S prieto and my teamate Mike Barnes for that top privatear finish at daytona.  : :) 8th


Congrats Barney, way to represent CCS :)
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ditto - what Steve said


The best rider I have ever known to have never got a factory ride! Yet!

Henry DeGouw


Way to go, Barney!!! Congrats on a great finish to both you and Shawn!!

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Great ride, Barney!  Hope you'll be at Moroso so I can watch and learn some more.  Congrats to Mike and Prieto Racing....great shot of the Prieto sticker on the bike in the chicane on Speed, by the way, and props to Dreb and Sadowski for mentioning the name a few times!!!
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we gotta be able to believe that we can achieve !!!
BIG  UP'S !!!     Barney ........

There were other privateers with RESPECTABLE finishes at Daytona too.......
  (AMA talent has to come from somewhere)

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QuoteBig thumbs up to my teamate Mike Barnes for that top privatear finish at daytona.  : :) 8th

Very nice finish!

Robert... you running again this season?


hey eddie hows it goin   yep  had too take a three month hiatus though to recupe. you know us old guys he he. racin for prieto racing again this year. this guy goes all out for his riders. youve never seen a more devoted and caring person as saun prieto. and he will do what ever it takes to win. i had just started racing last year and you see what he did for me. he and barney will kick some ass this year. and you know what, barney is the coolest guy i have met. and really down to earth he deserves to kick ass.