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Pit Bull Stands

Started by TreyBone, March 11, 2003, 01:31:57 PM

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Where is the best place to buy a front and rear PitBull race stand.  I need one pretty soon.


Trey, we sell it here at TPM, don't know if you are a member, but we can take care of ya. Let me know if you want, and I can bring it to Roebling


I was a huge fan of pit-bull stands until I ran into Brett Ray from R&R Racing.

His stands are just as good, and a helluva lot cheaper.     <---my review for Brett...  

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I have 3 pit bull stands 1 LP stand and I just bought a woodcraft from Jon at cycletech at daytona for 100 bucks and I like the woodcraft the best

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QuoteWhere is the best place to buy a front and rear PitBull race stand.  I need one pretty soon. .  ;D ;D ;D ;D
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i don't think you will find anyone that will beat my price on them...check out my site below and call the store for a not go on what i have up if you are a racer... i have a special price for you


Pit Bull stands blow goats.

Get a Worksstand.  Or better yet... get a Yamaha stand - it's the same exact stand as the Worksstand (somebody let their patent run out.. oops!)
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I'm all over the Woodcraft stands.  The front and rear stands pass the "moronic girl friend test", so just about anyone can do it.  The paint is even very, very good.

Kevin Hanson can get them or has them locally (Midwest)

Or you can get them right from Eric Wood...
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Or you can get them at 2CentsRacing as we also carry them ;D


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I have both a front and a rear pitbull and if I had to go buy a new set, I would go with the woodcraft...
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Thanks Trey see you at Robling