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Post the contingency info please

Started by r6_philly, March 11, 2003, 07:49:18 AM

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It is one week after Daytona, and 2 weeks after the anouncement to the world of CCS's contigency plans. We are all very anxious and excited about the new and better contingency program, but we need to find out what it is.

Companies post contingencies for our racing to encourage us buying their products. So now they have put up the money, can we please find out who they are so we can buy their products? Most of us have, or have begun putting our bikes together for racing season, and if we don't find out what companies are supporting our sport with contingencies, we will just buy whatever thats out there. That kind of defeats the purpose for both us racers, and the companies who are willing to put up the money.

If no one uses a product, who has put up some contigency money, simply because we didn't know that we can, and will earn money for using it, would they considering keeping up with the contigency program next year???


Well...since I already got my contingency from Vortex, I guess I can assume that they are on board this year.

Is this going to be the only way we find out?? >:(