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New leathers/Alpinestars/Spidi/Kobe?

Started by oh344ccs, March 09, 2003, 06:22:59 PM

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Alright I know that over the winter this topic has been hit on a few times, but I don't recall hearing anything about any of these brands.  I have narrowed my choice's down to three sets, Alpinestars S-MX, Spidi Slider pro, or Kobe Xpro.  Has anyone used any of these brand's of leathers?  Unless I hear something real good or bad about them I'm going to just flip a coin.
Alpinstars look best, have cool plastic armour.
Spidi's look good and seem to have some good qual.
Kobe, cheapest, contingency$$, Haven't seen them anywhere, no pics, nothing, fastlap says there great, but since they sell them that's probably not the most reliable info.
hey spiderchick how much to put a name on these 9 letters?

Nate R

From what I've heard, the Kobe ARE decent leathers.
Nate Reik
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Super Dave

The Alpinestars seem kind of light to me.  The stitching is too close together, so the leather will rip apart.  Same goes for the Spidi's.  Had some guys I worked with that had them from Lockhart, cause of the great deal, so they could match.  At the end of they year they matched.  The leathers were all ragged and falling apart.

Kobe?  I've only been able to see one set, but not close up.  But, for the money they charge for them, I'm not expecting too much.
Super Dave


Each of these suits will probably do OK for 1 crash.

If you can at all stretch just a bit, I would check out Barnacle Bill.  For just around $1000, he'll make you a suit that will hold up to repeated crashes.

Otherwise, by searching the net you can proabaly find a great to mint set of used Vansons in the same price range you have suggested.  I got a never crashed used a few times set for $650 off classifieds last year (with removable liner to wash! :))
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Haven't seen a set of Kobe leathers after a crash, so I can't give you an assessment on those. I have seen them pre-crash and they appear to be decent. Spidis can hold up to a crash, but will likely require repair after a hard spill. Alpinestars have been hit and miss, some are fine, some are not. They have had some problems with consistency in the leather; it can be weak in places on certain lots. I'm assuming you don't have $1k to spend on leathers, otherwise I would tell you to get customs.
Quotehey spiderchick how much to put a name on these 9 letters?
$10 per letter x 9 = $90 plus shipping if I need to ship 'em back to you. Good luck in the search.
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Give me a call before you buy them chances are you can get them from me cheaper i carry anything..well other than Kobe  ;D i also have Vanson and i also carry SIDI boots if you are looking for the whole set up...706-236-9338 is the shop # or you can get it off the web site too...i'm here mon-sat  only time i may be gone is to lunch...


I think I will try to find what I want from Barnical Bill, I went to his site and was impressed by the info I found.  
Gamedic-If I can't get what I want I'll call you, thanks.


No problem..Bill is great just let me know...


My first year I had a set of AGV Rage leathers.  They were really cheap and survived many crashes before they really came apart.  I have a set of HJC leathers I bought at the Wegman auction and crashed on them once and had to have them repaired in three places from stitching coming apart and one tear.