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4/12-4/13 Beave run cancelled due to weather.-

Started by Absolute, April 10, 2008, 11:22:35 AM

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 Due to weather we have cancelled this weekend
We will be offering a credit to all registered participants to another event on our event list. In short we are applying event insurance to those who did not buy it.
Also for those who purchased event insurance we will refund you the cost.

We decided this was in the best interest of all riders to not make them ride in cold and rain. Your credit can be used for any of our dates.

FYI we will be adding 2 more days to Beave run this year which is TBA shortly. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Roy or MArk.
Roy Cadoo Owner
Absolute Cycle Performance
720 East Elizabeth Ave
Linden NJ 07036

We ship Daily Fedex, UPS Also!!

Good Luck Racers..
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2182 Elizabeth Ave
Rahway NJ 07065


   :wtf:        To bad the weather here was nice.
                    I only live 22 miles from the track.  :err:
Roger Preston
AHRMA Volunteer & Monkee
WERA Official