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Started by MightyDuc Racing, March 05, 2003, 05:57:00 PM

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MightyDuc Racing

Check it out again now, ya'll.  The links are up, I added some navigation buttons at the top, and the gallery page should load a lot quicker now.  I am especially interested to know if the gallery is loading faster now.  Let me know...and keep the links coming.  Also, if I posted yours, please post mine! ;D

MightyDuc Racing
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cool, thanks for the linkback.

About that gallery.. you can make the images smaller (in KB) and make it load faster. IE: thery're like 50K.. I can get em down to at least ~11K and they'll look the same.  I'll hook you up.


OK Bryan.. total thumbs were ~500K.. I got ya down to ~100 K.. and you'll barely even notice a difference in quality.. check your mail.