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Tired of waiting for BPD....Dynojet products in stock

Started by LMsports, February 24, 2008, 10:50:31 AM

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Well, we've had some BPD products on backorder for months now and have decided to stick with Dynojet. The BPD stuff is new and exciting but just hasn't been available, too much hype with no product. Also, there will be no map database and noone has any experience with them, so if there are any glitches it is too close to race season to sort them before you end up on track trying to deal with it. Dynojet product is in stock and there is support available. We'll also be bringing a Dynojet rep to select CCS rounds to provide trackside support for Dynojet products as well. Call us up and we'll provide some package deals etc. 800-894-7190.
Rob Oliva
Lithium Motorsports, Inc.
Suspension Solutions