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Free 1980 Ski-doo Everest 500

Started by cshaffer66, March 04, 2003, 08:39:29 AM

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In Chicago suburbs.   The sled is not running.  My friend the mechanic got it off a coworker for free cause he could not make it run and now he has givn up.  It is only missing a coil, we borrowed a coil off a car to see if it had spark and it does and it has compression.  With a liitle work I'm sure it could run, I just don't want it taking up space and the season is coming up.  Email me at or call 847-571-7420  I would rather see someone have it before it ends up in someones yard.  I also put new points on it.
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That would look soooo cool in my front yard.

Let me run out and see if I have any more available blocks. ;D ;D ;D