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Leaving for daytona, wish me luck.

Started by numbskullz58, March 03, 2003, 11:07:03 AM

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What up y'all. I am off to daytona to ride in the BMW Boxer Cup. I should have my lap top with so i may be able to give you updates. Wish me luck :)

Steve Atlas


Good luck chief! I will be looking for you on SpeedTV since they are airing the boxer cup.


 Best of luck and hoping your weekend is dryer than mine.


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HEY !!!,

kick ass.........

when im able to afford cable, i'll watch Speed Vision or channel, wuttever they wanna call it., but for now
think you could tape it for your good buddy....
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Good luck Steve!!! Just remember when in doubt GAS IT!!!

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I talked it over with the team and we decided that if Greg White beats you, you are out...

Good luck and lap his @ss so we can see you on TV!!!
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Thanks, guys

I will keep you as up to date as possible. And yes, i will do my best to lap G White so y'all can see my @ss on TV!!!

Pe@ce and Love

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Steve, you're so fast that all you need is enough luck to keep the bike together.  Kick tail, buddy!
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Just lead or follow the White boy and your sure to get alot of air time! Good luck. 8)