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Hot cams good news
« on: January 27, 2008, 11:26:25 pm »
My name is Gus and I have an addiction.XRidus
This was good news I posted it to share some good news.

This bike I speak of is a 93' 650L

I received a new cam for Christmas and found it doesn't come with an auto decompress mech.
  HOT CAMS recommends a manual device.After some research I found only the sparkplug hole style device available ,well I'm sure the XR 4valve head has little room for that.
 So I Emailed HOT CAMS alittle HOT my self and was happy to see a reply the next day, assuring me there would be no ill affects on my starter or batteries ability to start machine as there's no kick starter .
 It may be to late to make this story short but I'm impressed with their customer service and quick reply. They even offered me a complete refund if I was not satisfied. :thumb:

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