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891's Year in review video

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891's Year in review video
« on: January 09, 2008, 06:38:50 pm »

about 180mb and 45 min long.

It's not just racing in the vid so enjoy none the less.

A few great things came out of my 1st year of racing.

- I've calmed down on the street 10 fold.. actually a little intimidated by it now for the 1st time in my life which is wierd

- sense of accomplishment. I've raced bmx and mx and was never able to finish a season without being taken out by either myself or someone else so actually finishing the season was triumphant for me. So much that I bawled my eyes out with tears of joy when I came in from my last race of the season, USB, which I was able to bag a 2nd in for overall points. Almost was able to bag 3 top 3's with MWGP and GTO resting on my results in the last race weekend of the season. Unfortunately I got block passed on the 1st race of that weekend going into T6 when I was in 3rd and it gave me my second concussion in one month's time.

anyways. I never thought I'd do too well in this racing thing but apparently I was wrong and I had the time of my life being out there with all of you and I want to say thanks.

So, Thank You to everyone that I raced with for helping make my 1st year absolutely kick ass. And Thanks be out to everone at the races for the kindness and support this entire community has to offer.


jim jr
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