Interest in Firebird trackday March 14th?

Started by SlowDragon, February 21, 2003, 06:08:05 PM

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Well, defeat has been snatched from the jaws of victory.

After finding another 10 people who were interested in the trackday from another source it looked promising until the company I was talking to about hosting it (and providing the insurance cover) found that they had a clash with another event they are doing.

So, I'm giving up. See you all at the LP Sport Rider morning  :P


 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Oh well, you tried.  Appreciate it man.  When are you heading down?


Thanks again for contacting everyone and trying to make it happen.  Too bad it didn't work out.

Hey, maybe we'll see each other out there.  I'll be on a really loud yellow MZ.  Stop by and say "hi". :)


SlowDragon, thanks for trying to put this together. Bill Matt & I were all for the trackday, damn...
We'll see ya out there Sat morning, bright and early!


I have found another trackday promoter who is willing to see if he can organize something for the 14th depending on the availability of his cornerworkers and the track.

So, watch this space.......


For all those that were interested in the trackday on March 14th at Firebird :

Mark at TEAM Arizona is working with the track on getting us the practice day. To make it a go we need to contact TEAM with the following details NO LATER THAN 4pm PACIFIC on Tuesday 11th March :

Name, Address, Email
Credit card details

These can be emailed to or by calling TEAM at 480-998-9888.

We need a minimum of 30 riders at $ 175 to make it a go. Mark will not charge anyone's credit card until the magic 30 number has been reached.

So, it's up to you guys to contact Mark and make this happen.




Here is the quote from Mark.  I will be there to help T.E.A.M. Arizona run the show.

QuoteT.E.A.M. Arizona has been asked to put on a racers' practice day at Firebird East on March 14. Assuming the track is available, apparently CCS bailed and did not tell anyone, and there are enough interested racers, we'll do the day.

Participant fee will be $175 (sorry, we were not able to set up in advance) and you need to contact me on Monday. I have to let Firebird know if we are going to take the track or they'll let some car guys have the day.

I can be reached at T.E.A.M. Arizona at (480) 998-9888, or at the office at: You can e-mail your name, address, and a M/C or Visa number and that will hold your spot. I will not run any charges until I know, for sure, that we will have the date. If you e-mail a credit card number. Put the card number in one message and the expire date in a second message. Or, just use the phone on Monday.



Thanks for all of your hard work, guys!  Ten Horse Construction's race team will be there for practice on Friday.  I will e-mail our info today! :D :D


FYI... I've done 4, maybe 5 track days with the crew at TEAM Arizona. They're a good bunch of guys and put on a class track day... although Mongrel is questionable  ;D ;D


See you Friday! (Come on 28 more people...)


Hey!  You guys might want to contact whomever it is that you talk to at CCS and let them know that TEAM Arizona is going to sponsor the track day.  Kevin Elliot just e-mailed an AZ friend of ours this morning that there will be no track day practice at Firebird.  He didn't say that someone else was going to run it, he said that there wouldn't be one at all!  I know that when Kelly Baker Performance sponsored the track day for Streets of Willow that the gals who answer the phone at the CCS main office were very good about passing along the info - maybe we need to let them know. :-/
We'll tell everyone we know here in the Las Vegas area.  See you this weekend!


Come on guys. We're only at 5 people so far!!!!

Call Mark!

I've also emailed the CCS guys to let them know that this is happening


I am driving two other CCS competitors that are interested in racing that weekend and having practice on Friday.