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Interest in Firebird trackday March 14th?

Started by SlowDragon, February 21, 2003, 06:08:05 PM

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Being one of the many who have never been to Firebird I have contacted local trackday organizers to see if they are interested in hosting a trackday on the 14th before the race weekend. So far none have expressed any interest but if I can get some idea of how many are interested I can contact the trackdirectly and see if we can arrange something.

Bring back the LP Sport Rider Days!!!!!



We have three riders in our pit who plan on practicing at Firebird on March 14.  We would preregister for it if given the opportunity.  At Streets of Willow last month, we found that lots of racers showed up on Friday expecting things to be just like last year, so they didn't preregister for practice.  Kelly Baker Performance Unlimited sponsored the track day and had way more than the minimum that he needed. ::)


If a track day was offered on Friday, both my husband and I would go.



Count me in and I know of 2 other racers that would be interested in a Friday track day. (Poll didn't work for me)



If there is a track day my brother and I will go.  I know of at least 4 to 5 people from Southern Cali that will show up too...


Well, I contacted the track and they told me that CCS have booked the track on the 14th. I have left a couple of messages for Chris Wallace at CCS (the contact given to me by the track) to try and find out what is happening but to no avail.

I haven't given up yet!!


Ah, a glimmer of hope perhaps?

What a sleuth that SlowDragon is.  ;)


Rock on Slow Dragon!

It's seems like, to get anything done with CCS, you have to do it yourself. :-/

Still trying to find out the final schedule for the Southwest region. There are some conflicting dates for Las Vegas. Once again, someone else found out that CCS rented the track for May 10-11, so the assumption is we'll be racing that weekend, although CCS won't tell us and we still don't know about the Aug dates....  ???


First off, me and a few other guys would attend the March 14th trackday if there is one....count that as 5 riders.

Patrick, I emailed David Stetzer at the LVMS and he told me:

You got it that time! Clear Channel has the track reserved on May 10-11. The
only track time available would be through the Freddie Spencer Riding
School. We used to open the track for testing back in 1999 and 2000, but
there were so few people participating we had to stop. You can reach Freddie
Spencer's school at 702-643-1099.

Hope that helps.