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Starting and charging system for SS?

Started by MRiffell, February 19, 2003, 01:45:00 PM

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Is removing the starter clutch assembly and magnets from the flywheel constitute as crankshaft tampering and make a bike not legal for SuperSport?

Is removing the starter SS legal?


I do know that some people are running total loss in SS. If the rules do not require a starter it can be removed.
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Starting and charging systems are checked in the top 3 or 5 bikes in tech after the race. Sometimes they randomly check one or two other bikes in the race. Remember the cardinal rule in SS racing..."no metal may be removed"...either by omission or grinding. It also says that all parts must in their original location. If you are going to run SS and expect to compete at the highest levels then you should know the rulebook by heart and stay current on changes and revisions. We finished 6th in 1991 AMA SS as privateers on a Yam 600 by using the rulebook to our advantage. You can add things or alter things but they must fall within the scope of the "written word"... HINT, HINT!

Nate R

Yeah, but does that REALLY apply to CCS? Yes, it's different in the upper SS racer organizations, but in CCS, SS is less restrictive.
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Super Dave

If it is expressly not written in CCS rules, you can basically do it.  I think that Supersport should require a starter and charging system, but there are those that do remove them...and it is apparently legal in CCS.

I asked that the rules be changed to make starters and charging systems required on Supersport bikes.  I have no reply.

Talk to Kevin Elliott.
Super Dave


One other thing to consider...

Say you have a light lowside in a corner.  You get up and dust yourself off and run to your bike.  Good News!!!!  The bikes OK, but it is not running.....

If you have a starter, push the button and fire it up.  If you don't have a starter, you may be out of luck.

Dawn   :)

Super Dave

Run and bump, run and bump! ;D

And sometimes starter buttons get ripped off too!
Super Dave


Although I have no personal expereince with it, I've heard "horror" stories of running total loss, having to worry about battery charge, and all of that.  Not saying you shouldn't do it, just consider its that much extra to worry about come race weekends....
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QuoteRun and bump, run and bump! ;D

Did you ever try to bump start a twin when it's cold.   ::)

Let me tell you, it's darn near impossible.

Dawn   :)

Super Dave

Super Dave



But, have you ever tried to bump start a big twin...with a SLIPPER CLUTCH???

I have, doesn't work to well lol
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QuoteRun and bump, run and bump! ;D

Wouldn't work for me; I doubt if I can run with a bike anymore (damn reconstructed calcaneous!  >:()...  LOL   :P ;D
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