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Started by tlc, September 13, 2007, 09:32:13 AM

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Let me first start out with I'm new to the track bike/race bike scene so I don't know a lot right now, but I'm trying to learn as I go.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.  I purchase a bike off eBay (yeah mistake 1) that has what is probably a bad rod bearing and that motor needs to come out because I've found a new motor that I need to get in the bike.

My question is about removing the motor.  I've heard there is a special set of tools to remove a SV motor (02').  The guys who are going to be helping me (read this as doing it for me) have loaned those tools out and they didn't get them returned.  I want to get that set of tools for them to use while they are helping me out. 

What are those tools and where can I order them?


Teri:  All you need is a set of metric sockets or wrenches and possibly a pry bar (use carefully) - no special tools required at all.

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You will need a castle nut socket. The main and lower rear engine bolts go through pinch bolts that when torqued force the engine against the right side of the frame. These pinch bolts and the their lock rings require this special tool.

Suzuki will be happy to sell you one and I think Motion Pro also has them.



ehhhh..... The castle nut tools are a little redundant. I use a hammer and punch carefully and some light locktight sins ce you cant really set the torque with the ole' hammer. Just be careful, if your using a steel punch it can shred the outer nut if you dont pay attention.

Ohh and hey Ed, just got  done with the superbike motor  :thumb: Its sweet though the neighbors are a little annoyed with my "hey im just breaking in my race motor".  :biggrin:
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I can make this tool if you pay for socket and time .1hr plus shipping.


Make one?  Interesting.  How long would it take you to get it to me?

Thanks for all the information guys. 

btw, that's Steve motor I'm replacing my old one with.  Thanks Steve.


I will find the socket and modify to fit slots in funny looken nut thingy.
Maybe week, ten days to your door.


All dun.
Please note I can provide these two modified sockets for 75$ shipping included.


Wow, that was fast.  I appreciate you helping me out.

Thanks resurrection.




What? you gave the one I made for you to somebody to never be seen again .
These new all the shit models are for paying costumers!!


 this company sells the suzuki tools as a set or individually.