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Started by HAWK, August 21, 2007, 07:03:40 PM

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Has anyone spoken to Scott from City Garage Racing lately? I tried to call him to order some tires but the number I have is no good. Who can I use for Bridgestones in the Chicago area, I would really like to buy from someone who's got a trackside presence race day.
Paul Onley
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If you find out lemme know too. I'm looking to try out some Bridgestones on my Hawk next season.
Tim Haley
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City Garage has closed the doors. :wah:

I believe they transferred the Bridgestone franchise to another shop on the Illinois side of the STL metro area.  I don't think they intend to provide support at race days. 

Looks like someone else needs to pick it up for the MW region.
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check out stickboy. He's the man. I think its
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I have contacted StickBoy through the other board  :biggrin: and he has everything I wanted, I just wanted to give Scott the business has he gave me good service and a lot of support last year. If he's out then I'll go with StickBoy, he says he can get me tires in 3-4 days so that's all good.

Tom, I am running the same tires on my Hawk as my SV, 165/630/R17 Med Rear and 120/600/R17 Soft Front and they worked very well for me. StickBoy says that he would recommed the Soft Rear upto 80 degrees then the Med above that.

I would really like someone local that shows up at the races but if that is not to be then at least StickBoy is in the race community if not local.
Paul Onley
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I'm sorry to hear that they shut down. It was nice to have another good vendor out there helping me build the brand. It seems to help all of us out.

I had heard many good things about them.

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The Trackaddix folks are the Midwest / Great Plains Bridgestone tire dist. They do support for the Great Plains only rounds since they run that series.