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Galfer Stainless Steel Lines...Anyone have problems bleeding them?

Started by qtsuper03, August 06, 2007, 12:41:53 AM

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Basically the question is in the Subject line.   Anyone have a problem bleeding the Galfer Stainless Steel brake lines?  I think I have been working on the front brake lines for at least 2 hours...Or it feels like two hours.  Help Help Help...Pleaaaaaaaasssseeee :whine:

Super Dave

Well, I know there are some good posts on this. 

What have you done to bleed them so far?  What bike and Master Cylinder?

Super Dave


I have just used the one man bleeder from AutoZone.  I just put in fluid with the resevior cap on then pump the front brake and open the bleeder with a wrench.  I have a hose on top of the nipple to see the fluid/air come out into a little bottle.  Then I just repeat the steps over and over again.  But I started on this last night and came home and am still working on it.  This is very fustrating.  I have not had any real problems bleeding the oem lines before.   Any advise on maybe installation of lines?  I used the correct washers in between the lines. 


Super Dave

Have you bled the banjo bolt at the master cylinder?  Are you closing the nipple between the groups of your pumps?

:biggrin:  Ok, that sounds funny...
Super Dave


Try zip tying the brake lever to the bar open both bleeders.and go have a beer.Also check relief hole in reservoir.
After a brake service or rebuild, bleeding can be the most patents challenging thing you will do on a bike in along time


I think I have it working now.  What I did was just fill the reservoir then release the bolt at the point where the caliper is connected then let the fluid slowly leak out.  I then made sure the fluid was not below the level low level in the reservoir.  I did this on both sides.  Then i tightened the bolts at the point where the calipers are connected then continued with the conventional method of opening the nipple with a plastic hoes over the nipple and pumping the brake then tighten.  This worked/works the best.