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custom parts [see old show]

Started by resurection, July 24, 2007, 06:37:22 PM

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Gus has been at it again...

I asked for something that would make it easy to measure my shock.
Here is what he came up with.

The shock as measured

Just hook the tape;

And read; 309mm

Thanks Gus...
'08 R6, CCSGP44EX


This guy knows his stuff!  I had him make me a bunch of random things, and he came through with quality.  Pretty quick too!

Anything bikes, Gus is the answer.


Here is another thread, I guess I'll post  in both.  For the record, I have not started racing or doing track days or anything yet.  But,  definite kudos here.  Custom rear sets and triple clamps, even risers.  He works wonders in his machine shop.  I have had this guy make a few things.  He is quick with the product and reliable.  I will definitely be doing business again in the future.


Thank you
And please come visit as the beer is always cold and fun to share