Best class for 625cc KTM SMC?

Started by vanillagorrilla, June 29, 2007, 03:41:54 PM

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Scanning the rulebook it looks like Ultra LW superbike.  Any others I missed?  I'd prefer smallish grids and lower speeds, I've been racing a cr85 mini roadracer for 4 years now but I have no big bike race experience.  Like to get my feet wet on the KTM.


thunderbike, GT lights, ligthwt gp,lightwt 40 but I take it your not 40



As far as the bike goes it will be most competitive in Ultralight SB, but you will be racing against the occasional Expert that runs that class due to being combined Ex/Am.

The other classes are all about the same bikes in the class but running Am and there would be no competing against the Experts as far as trophies goes. Thunderbike, LW GP, GT Lights, and then in 6 years LW F40.

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